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Hinterland empowers your business to develop and derisk your sustainable developments to maximize impact

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Hinterland is a bespoke sustainable investment development and management enterprise supporting companies, investors and asset owners in maximizing their sustainable business value and impact in developing countries and emerging markets as well as in OECD countries. Hinterland brings added value solutions to its international clients throughout the development, investment and operational management period focusing on biomass, bio-energy and other renewable energy technologies.

Added value comprises amongst others a tailored Due Diligence assessment and designing and implementing an adapted risk mitigation strategy during the development and investment phase and management and operational oversight during the operational phase.

Hinterland is also addressing biomass sustainability including governance and stakeholder management for its clients.


Hinterland was founded by Maarten Gnoth to support international sustainable biomass business development, derisk sustainable investments and maximize impact.

Maarten is a meticulous and exceptionally well-versed business development and sustainability executive with a 20+ years international track record. In depth experience in sustainability, international business development and consultancy in renewable energy and biomass and in startup of SME enterprises in emerging markets. Seasoned expert in biomass to energy and in biomass (wood and agri-residues) pelletization, torrefaction applications, and in environmental and social responsibility within the energy sector. Experienced in stakeholder management and held Board positions in various Joint Ventures and Foundations. Experienced Director in two industrial pellet plants and a wood chipping facility.

Proven ability to initiate and evaluate projects in emerging markets on technological, financial, economic and social aspects. Track record in business development, investment and senior management and proven insight in operations. Language fluency in Dutch and English with communication ability in French and German.

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Investment management

for renewable energy technologies:

Focus on biomass and bio-energy.

Also covering wind and solar.

  • M&A advice

  • Due Diligence

  • Investment oversight

  • Support to arrange funding

  • Operational oversight

  • Joint Venture management

  • Shareholders representation

  • Governance

Sustainable business development

for renewable energy technologies:

Focus on biomass and bio-energy.

Also covering wind and solar.

  • Origination
  • Feasibility study
  • Structuring
  • Bankable business plan
  • Funding support
  • Contracting

Biomass expertise

  • International biomass to wood pellets and wood chips development

  • Biomass supply and trading portfolio development

  • Bio-energy applications (biomass co-firing, bio-energy power plant, Combined Heat and Power, and Clean Cooking)

  • Chipping and pelletization processing and torrefaction, steam explosion, and pyrolysis and other biomass conversion technologies

  • Biomass sustainability certification consultancy


  • Investment / JV Management

  • Project management

  • Program management

  • Asset Management

  • Interim management

  • Stakeholder management


  • Governance of multi stakeholder initiatives in (biomass) sustainability

  • Sustainability consultancy within the energy sector

  • Corporate Responsibility

Track Record

Due Diligence and funding on JV’s and upstream investments including full Investment File structuring and propositions in a Dutch and international context focusing on capital financing and (biomass) commodity trading, Upstream Joint Venture structuring including funding structures and legal structuring. Performed DD on various Renewable Energy assets and companies: Wind energy in NL (onshore and offshore), biomass pellet – and chip facilities (Africa and S.E. Asia).

Successfully structured investment and divestment and its (funding) execution in:

⦁ 27 million Euro wind farm investment in The Netherlands
⦁ 5 million Euro wood chips facility investment in Cameroon
⦁ 7 million Australian Dollar wood pellet facility convertible bond investment in Australia
⦁ 11 million Canadian Dollar divestment of a wood pellet facility in Canada

Business development, strategic partnerships, acquisitions including due diligence (financials and valuation) on renewables, stakeholder management, sustainable reporting and sustainability of biomass. Experienced in incorporating sustainable development into business operations. Experienced as director on board positions in joint-ventures and foundations.

Deep knowledge of international wood pellet supply chains, biomass sustainability and agri-cultural residues. Business development of vertical integration sustainable biomass supply from emerging markets and emerging biomass feedstocks like bamboo, invader bush and bagasse. Seasoned expert in managing and developing a portfolio of solid biomass (wood and agri-products) upstream developments including feasibility and testing of a wide range of wood and agri-products for pelletization. Expertise in optimizing existing biomass wood pellet portfolio operations and torrefaction technology.

Extensive knowledge on project development of bio-energy power plants, wind farms (on- and offshore) and PV applications gained at NUON and ENGIE. Experienced in renewable energy project development from lead until financial close and construction, emphasizing on economics, financial (modeling), environmental and permitting and technical aspects including due diligence of renewable energy projects. Coordination of the expansion of PV rural electrification program’s in Africa and building partnerships with NGO’s, donor institutes and private companies to facilitate this expansion. Knowledge on International climate change programs, emission reduction instruments and emission trades.

Director with board positions with experience in co-founding sustainable biomass foundations. Initiated together with co-founding members the Sustainable Biomass Program (SBP) as vice-chairman and the Dutch Biomass Certification Foundation (DBC). Developed together with co-founding partners the Better Coal initiative with board- and working group meetings. Furthermore experience as Director in enhancing the Green Gold Label (GGL) certification scheme. As part of the Nominations Committee and as vice chairman in SBP developed the governance process and related various nominations for senior staff. Also acted as Director in the GGL and DBC both focusing at sustainable biomass.

Headed a department of Business Developers by coaching and leading professionals and taking responsibility for department’s objectives. During various positions at Wärtsilä, DNV GL (Kema), Vattenfall (Nuon) and Engie (Electrabel / GDF SUEZ), also headed project -, sales – and acquisition teams. Creating commitment and motivation though active participation and support from team members has been a key issue. Experienced Director with board position managing principals interest in Joint Ventures in wood pellet/chips production entities in Canada, Australia and Cameroon. Management decisions on operations, investment and sales.

Development of IPP’s in Africa and experience with IPP development financial pro-forma’s, assessing all financial parameters. This includes power plant pricing and performances, project financing structure, taxation, insurance’s etc. In depth knowledge of power purchase agreements (PPA), concession agreements, fuel supply agreements (FSA), engineering, procurement and construction agreements (EPC), operation and maintenance agreements (O&M), environmental impact assessments (EIA). Experience with IPP preparations and negotiations for international developers, (gold)mining companies and utilities.

Key qualifications in business advice to start Small and Medium scale Enterprises in Emerging Countries specifically in Africa. Project development including project finance, Joint Venture structuring, business modeling, assessing companies, grant financing programs, such as the Dutch PSOM program have been core issues. Agri / horticulture, food processing, startup factories.

Educated and experienced professional in both social (socio-economic) sciences as well as business and finance. Initiating, realizing and evaluating projects in developing countries on technological, financial, (macro-) economic and social aspects.

Americas: Unites States, Canada, Brazil

Africa: Ghana, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, South Africa, Namibia, Mauritius, Mozambique, Egypt

Asia & Pacific: Bangladesh, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia